Forklift & Crane Indonesia – Reflecting Indonesia’s biggest potential for Forklift, Crane and Heavy Equipment Industries

Production of heavy equipment in Indonesia is targeted to grow 14 percent to 4,200 units in 2017, compared to 3,678 produced units in the preceding year. This growth should come on the back of rising activity in the nation’s mining sector, particularly Indonesia’s coal mining sector, in line with rising commodity price.
Logistics costs are a massive focal point for Indonesian government, approximately 245 of Indonesia’s GDP is spent on logistics, so there is a frenzy of nationwide activity aimed at reducing them. With the progress of modern logistics as well as the growth in demand for replacing workforce by machinery, forklifts have become the most used tools for handling materials in logistics industry. Moreover, S&P Global Ratings raised Indonesia’s rating to “investment grade” that will bring Indonesia to become stable country with decent of investment. It is boosting growth and demand from all rising industrial sectors included forklift, logistic and heavy equipment industries.
Forklift & Crane Indonesia 2017 which was conjunction with INAPA 2017, CON-MINE 2017, IIBT 2017 and RailwayTech Indonesia 2017 welcomed 1,002 exhibitors from 24 countries across the different sectors of the show and interacting with 23,168 from 40 countries. The expo has become one of the Indonesia’s most prospective trade shows for forklift, crane, lifting equipment, commercial vehicle, railway, construction, mining, tyre and automotive industries.

Forklift & Crane Indonesia – The Indonesia’s Largest Gathering for Forklift Platform

The exhibition is perfect trade show to the growing needs of heavy equipment and logistics industry. The special zone for forklift and crane has optimized the exhibitors to meet the company connected with their business.
The 4th edition of Forklift Indonesia will be taking place from March 22 – 24, 2018 at Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) Kemayoran, Jakarta – Indonesia. The show will be held together with IIBT 2018, CON-MINE 2018, Railwaytech Indonesia 2018 and more prospects with current new section for Transport & Logistic in Transport & Logistic Indonesia 2018. The exhibition will be expanded to the bigger scale and will become qualified networking platform to generate more qualified and potential visitors.
Forklift & Crane Indonesia 2018 will be the most effective trade show for any forklift, crane and lifting equipment suppliers to launch and promote the newest products and introduce the new technology to a large number of targeted buyers.